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There is a lot of sex and sexual innuendo in the Hebrew Bible, much of it obfuscated with euphemisms. Of course we should be age appropriate when discussing the Bible with children; however, many of these passages are airbrushed long after a frank discussion of these elements in the Bible . OF NOTE: This article and subsequent series from K. J. Aaron 's Sexuality and the Bible has been posted because it is EXCELLENT and that it has value to help people understand the Bible. Please note that Ex-minister does not wish to imply that the author has left the faith. Biblical Euphemisms for Sexual . In this column, Ben Witherington answers questions about the Bible and: Euphemisms in the story of Noah When some sexual matter is a subject of conversation in the Old Testament, a euphemism.

Biblical euphemisms for sex
Biblical euphemisms for sex

Since starting seminary I've had the opportunity to read through the Old Testament with a thoroughness I haven't used since my biblical euphemisms for sex youth group days. While building biblical literacy is something biblical euphemisms for sex do very well, reading the Old Testament now reminds me how my context shaped how I read the Bible. And it all had to do with sex. The Old Testament is a pretty racy text. From rapes and seductions to concubines and harlots, it's hard to avoid the presence of physical bodies and sex, often illicit. Unless you're an evangelical teenager. One of my strongest memories of that time is how hard our youth leaders worked to convince us that the sex passages actually have nothing to do with sex
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Biblical euphemisms for sex
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