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Black males in prison watch online

Black males in prison
Black males in prison

In a recent article the widely held belief surrounding the number of black men incarcerated outnumbering the Black males in prison of black men enrolled in higher education was refuted. The piece is titled "The myth that there are more black men in prison than in college, debunked in Black males in prison chart". The author appears to believe through proving this assertion about prison and education ratios to be inaccurate either a point of great progress can be demonstrated, or an overstatement of calamity about the state of African American men can Black males in prison corrected. Yet the real issue is the number of people in prison should never be similar to the number educated. For most in our country this in fact holds true, but for black men the two numbers are in fact close and that is the inescapable problem. The supposed myth on its face may in fact be incorrect.
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Black males in prison
Black males in prison
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